State Champions 2017

50's A Division


The Highwaymen

D and H Border Boys

Sandlot Plumbing

50's B Division

Levin Avengers

 Volusia Top Gun


Tri County Softball

50's C Division SB1

Bev Smith Toyota

Palm Beach Clippers

Gessler Clinics Guess Who

50's D Division

Health Plan One

Hot Shots UCC

Waddell and Reed

Mello Codgers

60's Division

Team Florida - Super A

Redhawks - A

Mustangs - B

Venice Vipers - C

65's Division

Who's On 1st - A

Plaque Attack - B

Optimotion Orthopaedics - C

Woodlawn Hitting Club - D

70's Division

Frankie Brin Financial - A

DAF/Al Estes - B

Lane Construction - C


74's Division

Frankie Brin Financial

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