Medical Waiver Deadline!!

Oct 17, 2018 ·   FHCASA Rules

Managers, the cut-off date for Medical Waivers is November 1st. Please contact Mike Knowles ASAP with your request. You will need...



50's Division - Limiting runs per inning

Oct 01, 2018 ·   Voting

Guys, we are going to vote this fall on limiting the number of runs a team can score in an inning, with an open inning at the end. Here is how...



Important Topics for This Fall

Sep 29, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, the following is a list of important issues for you and the Board coming up this fall. Some are important topics, some deal with playing rules, and one or two are By-Law changes for you to vote on. They are...



Upcoming Elections!

Sep 14, 2018 ·   Voting

Managers, it is that time of the year again for FHC members to announce their intention to run for office. The following Board positions are open for election this coming November...



Chairman's Notes - July 2018

Aug 14, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, please thank your Commissioners and Scheduler for getting us through July and getting our games in. Mother Nature is always around us in Florida, but it is always the intention of our FHC Board to get the games in, if possible. We make a great effort to make sure the games are played, even if it is the dreaded "1 pitch."



Chairman's Notes - June 2018

Jul 01, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, with our crazy Florida weather it is always great to say we got in our tournaments this past month. However, we did have a problem at the 50's tournament in West Palm Beach. The rain came down hard for a while at Oke. Park but it eventually stopped and we finished the day with most of the games being played...



Checks going out to 50's teams that rained out in Cape Coral

May 30, 2018 ·   Tournament News

The FHC is sending out a check to all teams that entered the May 50's tournament, and had their games canceled on Sunday.



Partial credit for May 50's Tournament

May 27, 2018 ·   Tournament News

Teams who registered and paid for the May 50's tournament in Cape Coral will receive a credit toward their next tournament...



June Tournament Notes -- Please read!

May 24, 2018 ·   Tournament News

Each team will be given 6 brand new balls to start the tournament...



Chairman's Notes - May 2018

May 12, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, here it is early May and we are on our way to another great year. Many of our Board members asked me to discuss various topics with you and a couple of reminders as well.


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