State Tournaments to remain in December for 2018

May 07, 2018 ·   Voting

It was a close vote with a great turnout, and the results are in.



State Tournaments May be Moving to the Fall!

Mar 16, 2018 ·   Voting

In April, coaches will be voting on moving the State Tournaments to the fall.



Chairman's Notes - February 2018

Feb 25, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, we have already been reminded about the Florida weather and the hurricanes of last fall. We did get through the first four tournaments this year but already have gone to one pitch twice. On Super Bowl Sunday we went to one pitch because a storm was to come in in the early afternoon, and it did. In the February 50's we went to one pitch on Sunday because Polk County does not have the Walker Road fields ready yet. They are still waiting...



Softball Forum -

Feb 14, 2018 ·   General

Win a free shirt!



Chairman's Notes - January 2017

Jan 14, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, we have two things that need some clarity:   There has been some confusion on how the Grandfather rule is used.  If you are playing on a team, and on its roster, in one Area, and you move to another Area, you may continue to remain on that original team, but only if you apply through the Chairman's office.  You cannot just do it on your own.  If you become a roster player for anyone else you lose that right.  Also, you may be a "pickup" player in your new Area but not in the old Area.  Example:&n ...



Chairman's Notes - December 2017

Jan 05, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

To all members of our FHC family: Do you remember the song “Looks like we made it (80’s, I think)?” 2017 was the most fickle year I have seen in my 20 years in FHC. We fought the cold, rain, wind, and yes, those hurricanes in September. And, I cannot ever remember...



In Memoriam

Dec 26, 2017 ·   General

We have started a new page on our FHC website for players who have passed away. We are looking for submissions on any other former players who have passed.



Important info regarding 50's State Tournament

Dec 07, 2017 ·   Chairman's Notes

Please read the following from our Chairman, Mike Knowles, regarding this weekend's 50's Division State Championship Tournament.



New Softball Forum Coming in 2018!

Dec 06, 2017 ·   General

Fellow 50+ player, team sponsor and our website designer is launching a new Softball Forum!



Pitching Rule & State Tournament Notes

Nov 29, 2017 ·   Chairman's Notes

Please read this news entry before going to the State Tournament.


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