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Apr 30, 2023 ·   Equipment
Managers, we have had some mixed opinions about the Baden ball we are now using.  I am flabbergasted sometimes at the odd comments every time FHC does something different.  We are always trying to make things better and more affordable at the same time in our FHC Tournaments.  As is always the case, we did some research before selecting which ball to try.  I personally talked to some of the best Players in the country, that play on the top 10 Teams in the 50s, and asked them about the Baden ball.  My answer all around was that is a good ball.  It will fly out of the park, but it is a little lighter than the Tattoo ball.  Because of that, it may knuckle a little more in the outfield, but it is a quality ball.  The Baden ball is used all over the country in National Tournament play.  Quite often, when someone questions me about a new ball or rule, I ask them "How did you hit today?" or "How many games did your Team win today?"  It is relevant!
We are using the Baden ball at least through June, which is a 3 month experiment.  You may also use the Tattoo balls we gave you as long as it has the FHC Logo.  If you used the balls for batting practice, or did not play earlier this year, that is not our fault.  If it does not have the FHC logo, you cannot use it.  Some of you have the Tattoo ball without the logo, but that is not allowed.  
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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