Chairman's Notes - June 2023

Jun 06, 2023 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, whenever we send out an announcement of any kind, please forward that to every member of your Team.  Many of our Managers already do that, but all too often we send out something important, and at the very next tournament a Player says "I have never been told that," or something close to that statement.  So, please communicate with your Players.  If you do not have computer skills, someone on your Team does, so get them to forward the information out.   I have a few things for you:   I want to remind ...



Check out FHC Chairman Mike Knowles on the Dugout Podcast

May 29, 2023 ·   General FHC Chairman Mike Knowles joins Ed and Dan on the Dugout for episode #3. Mike is a very decorated coach, official and softball player (in the Hall of Fame for all 3 disciplines), as well as a retired high school teacher and husband of 51 years. Join us as Mike, the long time and current acting Florida Half Century chairman, dives into the history of the world’s largest Half Century Softball League, speaks ...



Holiday Inn North Lakeland & Auburndale Best Western hotel rooms

May 25, 2023 ·   Hotels

HOLIDAY INN NORTH LAKELAND We have recently secured room blocks at the Holiday Inn North Lakeland. This is the same management company as the Best Western Auburndale, and has also had extensive renovations recently. Prices range from $159-$169 a night (reg rates are around $200). Please mention Florida Half Century if you call to reserve. All weekends are available. Typically the rate expires 28 days prior to check-in, but its always worth checking the online link, or calling the hotel if you are within that timeframe. Holiday Inn Expres ...



Balls & Such

Apr 30, 2023 ·   Equipment

Managers, we have had some mixed opinions about the Baden ball we are now using.  I am flabbergasted sometimes at the odd comments every time FHC does something different.  We are always trying to make things better and more affordable at the same time in our FHC Tournaments.  As is always the case, we did some research before selecting which ball to try.  I personally talked to some of the best Players in the country, that play on the top 10 Teams in the 50s, and asked them about the Baden ball.  My answer all aro ...



Mike Knowles Inducted into the National High School Athletic Association's National Hall of Fame

Mar 16, 2023 ·   General

Coach Mike Knowles, the Chairman for FHC Senior Softball for the past 6+ years, will be inducted into the National High School Athletic Coaches Association's National Hall of Fame on July 25 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He and his wife Sherry will attend the induction ceremonies, and bring back lots of pictures.  This honor is presented across our nation recognizing the achievements in High School coaching.  Awards are given to coaches in individual sports, and also for Lifetime Achievement, which is the category that Coach Knowle ...



Tournament Fees Going Up

Mar 08, 2023 ·   Tournament News

Managers, the last time FHC raised our tournament fees was in January 2017.  Because of the current situation with our economy, it is necessary to raise them again.  We are going through cost increases in the price of Balls, Hotel Rooms, Awards, Screens, Stickers and so on.  For the past 4+ years, we have been giving 6 game balls to each Team at the check-in table.  In order for us to keep doing that, we must have some help from our Team Members. The Tournament Fee increases will be in two stages. The first increase ...



Bat testing January through March 2023

Dec 31, 2022

Managers, instruct your Players that they must choose their 2 favorite bats to be checked in.  This will be the policy through March, 2023.  If a Player breaks a bat during that time, they can ask the Director to check in a new one.  It is not necessary to have 5+ bats tested.  No one uses that many bats.  I played Major and Major Plus ball 45 years and I never had more than 2 bats. All bats will be re-tested and get new stickers for the 2023 season.  Each Player is limited to 2 bats until March.  If a b ...



Player ID Cards & Photo IDs Required at Check-in

Dec 31, 2022 ·   FHCASA Rules

We are going back to requiring players to present their FHC ID cards and state issued photo ID at the tournaments.   Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman



Rabbit Runner rule has been modified

Dec 27, 2022 ·   FHCASA Rules

As of January 1, 2923, the Rabbit Runner will be changed to the following:   The RR will start at a point 3 feet behind the rear back left corner of the catcher's box, looking out to the field of play.  He may not start to run until the ball is hit by the batter.  If he does, he is out, and all other runners return.  If the RR rounds first base and touches 2nd base, in a normal play, he is out, and the other base runners return. Once the ball is hit, the RR may not run beyond the first base bag unless: & ...



FHC TV interview featuring Mike Knowles

Dec 14, 2022

Here is a video that FHC Chairman, Mike Knowles, did for Sports Central


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