Bat testing January through March 2023

Dec 31, 2022

Managers, instruct your Players that they must choose their 2 favorite bats to be checked in.  This will be the policy through March, 2023.  If a Player breaks a bat during that time, they can ask the Director to check in a new one.  It is not necessary to have 5+ bats tested.  No one uses that many bats.  I played Major and Major Plus ball 45 years and I never had more than 2 bats. All bats will be re-tested and get new stickers for the 2023 season.  Each Player is limited to 2 bats until March.  If a b ...



Player ID Cards & Photo IDs Required at Check-in

Dec 31, 2022 ·   FHCASA Rules

We are going back to requiring players to present their FHC ID cards and state issued photo ID at the tournaments.   Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman



Rabbit Runner rule has been modified

Dec 27, 2022 ·   FHCASA Rules

As of January 1, 2923, the Rabbit Runner will be changed to the following:   The RR will start at a point 3 feet behind the rear back left corner of the catcher's box, looking out to the field of play.  He may not start to run until the ball is hit by the batter.  If he does, he is out, and all other runners return.  If the RR rounds first base and touches 2nd base, in a normal play, he is out, and the other base runners return. Once the ball is hit, the RR may not run beyond the first base bag unless: & ...



FHC TV interview featuring Mike Knowles

Dec 14, 2022

Here is a video that FHC Chairman, Mike Knowles, did for Sports Central



Make sure to have your Player ID Cards at this month's State Tournament

Dec 12, 2022 ·   Tournament News

This weekend everyone must present their FHC Card and Driver's License at the check-in table.  If they do not have their card, they can fill out a Replacement Card Form there with the $25 fee.  If they are on the roster, their license will be sufficient.   This is the final weekend that you can donate to the Hurricane Fund.  Please do so at the sign-in table at each of the Sites.   Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman



Photography Specials for State Tournaments

Nov 21, 2022 ·   General

MSC Photography FHC States Photography ShootsAll 4 games Dec 18/19 = $250 2 games either Saturday or Sunday $150 total Contact me to book your set .. First come, First Served.



Fall 2022 Election Results

Nov 16, 2022 ·   Voting

Our Fall 2022 Election ended last Thursday night at midnight.  We voted on potential rules changes, and 4 positions on the FHC Board.  Here are the results: Move the State Tournament to October of each year for the 50s Division?No, keep in December. Change the "runs per inning" to five (5) instead of seven (7), in order to get more innings in. There would still be an open inning.No, keep 7 runs. FHC Chairman ElectionMike Knowles (unopposed) FHC Area 1 Director ElectionJohn Kurtz (unopposed) FHC Area 3 Di ...



Checking IDs and Player Cards in December

Nov 15, 2022

50's Managers, alert your Players now that we will be checking both FHC cards and their Driver's License at the sign-in table.  Contact them now so no one is sent home.   We will also be taking donations toward the Hurricane Relief Fund through both State Tournaments.  We are asking that every Player donate at least $5.  If you want to do a Team check or Individual check make it out to Hilda Sills.  She is Chairing the Committee.  Send it to :   Hilda Sills 2913 W. Palmetto Street Tampa, FL 33607



FHC Hurricane Ian Relief Fund

Oct 28, 2022 ·   General

Managers, Players and family members, your FHC family is teaming up with two of our best to raise Hurricane Relief Funds.  Hilda and Jennis Sills will be heading up the FHC Committee, and will be coordinating our efforts to help as many families as we can. We are asking every single FHC person to donate at least $5.00.  We have several thousand people in FHC, and if every person gave $5, we would be ecstatic.  We will have Fund Boxes at every Site for the upcoming November and December Tournaments.  You may donate ther ...



Checking Player IDs & Driver's Licenses Nov & Dec

Oct 28, 2022 ·   Tournament News

Managers, please inform your Players that we will be checking FHC cards and Driver's License IDs at the November and December tournaments.  Anyone can make a mistake, but forewarn your guys that if they forget their info in the car, just say so and go back and get it.  Every once in a while, a Player gets indignant, makes a big deal about not knowing, and someone gets sent home early.  It is your responsibility to pass along all messages to your Players. Thanks,   Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman


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