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This weekend's 50's tournament is canceled due to impending weather

Jan 11, 2024 ·   Tournament News

UNFORTUNATELY: Due to the forecast for this weekend, we are cancelling the 50's FHC Tournament.    With a 69% chance of Thunderstorms and rain Friday; 59% chance of rain Saturday morning and 75% chance of rain Saturday afternoon/evening and a 77% chance of rain Sunday Morning...we have decided to cancel the tournament.     By making the decision today you will be able to cancel your hotel reservations.   We realize that the 50's were rained out last month as well and we all want to play, w ...



January 60+ Tournament canceled due to rain

Jan 06, 2024 ·   Tournament News

The January 60+ tournament has been canceled completely due to the amount of rain today.  Please contact the FHC Treasurer, Al Melendez, for a refund or credit toward a future tournament.  Please provide Al with your Team name and Age Division. Al Melendezasoftball24@aol.com727-741-1859



Don't forget to check your rosters within 30 days of tournaments

Jan 01, 2024 ·   Tournament News

Managers, when you check your roster at the Tournament Site, you are not done with your responsibility.  It is your responsibility to check your Roster within 30 days to see that your Players received credit for being at that tournament.  To get that right, contact our webmaster at or use the Contact Form on the website.  He will get you your password so you can fulfill your responsibility.   Coach Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman



Current 60+ Brackets & Schedule may change if we are able to secure another complex

Dec 30, 2023 ·   Tournament News

60+ Managers, I am quite sure you have figured out something is going on, and you are right.  Next weekend, we have a regularly scheduled average January 60+ Tournament.  Right?   Absolutely not!!!!!   We have broken a FHC Softball record.  We have 100 Teams coming into Polk County for one tournament.  The previous record was 93 Teams for one tournament, but this one simply blows that record out of the water.  When I scheduled this tournament some 12 months ago, we had no idea that so many teams would ...



New Age Division Letters

Dec 29, 2023 ·   Tournament News

As you will see in the January tournaments, we have changed the ranking prefixes so that all 60's teams will start with the letter A.  65's teams will now start with the letter B, and 70's teams will start with the letter C.  This allows 60's teams playing in 50's tournaments to not show as an "unranked" team.  For example, if the 15th ranked 60's team is playing the 30th ranked 50's team, it will look like this on the schedule: 30 - A15



50's State Tournament Postponed

Dec 13, 2023 ·   Tournament News

Managers, based on the weather report for this weekend, we are cancelling the Tournament early.  We are looking at 2-3 inches of rain on Saturday and more on Sunday morning.  This will allow you to cancel your Hotel reservations early, so make sure you contact all of your Players to alert them of the decision.     At this time, we do not know the exact weekend of the 50's State Tournament, but it will be held in early 2024.   God bless and Merry Christmas to all,   Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman



Checking in Players at Tournaments Until March 2024

Sep 21, 2023 ·   Tournament News

Managers, we will return to checking in all Players starting in October, and will do so until March of 2024.  Remind your Players to bring their FHC Cards and driver's licenses.  It is a good idea to take a picture of your card, and save it on your cell phone, or at least laminate the card for safe keeping.  Also, check with your Players to see if they need a Replacement Card.  They can contact me with a Replacement Card Form, or apply for one at a Tournament.  It will cost them $25 for a Replacement Card.   ...



Tournament Fees Going Up

Mar 08, 2023 ·   Tournament News

Managers, the last time FHC raised our tournament fees was in January 2017.  Because of the current situation with our economy, it is necessary to raise them again.  We are going through cost increases in the price of Balls, Hotel Rooms, Awards, Screens, Stickers and so on.  For the past 4+ years, we have been giving 6 game balls to each Team at the check-in table.  In order for us to keep doing that, we must have some help from our Team Members. The Tournament Fee increases will be in two stages. The first increase ...



Make sure to have your Player ID Cards at this month's State Tournament

Dec 12, 2022 ·   Tournament News

This weekend everyone must present their FHC Card and Driver's License at the check-in table.  If they do not have their card, they can fill out a Replacement Card Form there with the $25 fee.  If they are on the roster, their license will be sufficient.   This is the final weekend that you can donate to the Hurricane Fund.  Please do so at the sign-in table at each of the Sites.   Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman



Checking Player IDs & Driver's Licenses Nov & Dec

Oct 28, 2022 ·   Tournament News

Managers, please inform your Players that we will be checking FHC cards and Driver's License IDs at the November and December tournaments.  Anyone can make a mistake, but forewarn your guys that if they forget their info in the car, just say so and go back and get it.  Every once in a while, a Player gets indignant, makes a big deal about not knowing, and someone gets sent home early.  It is your responsibility to pass along all messages to your Players. Thanks,   Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman


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