Bat testing January through March 2023

Dec 31, 2022

Managers, instruct your Players that they must choose their 2 favorite bats to be checked in.  This will be the policy through March, 2023.  If a Player breaks a bat during that time, they can ask the Director to check in a new one.  It is not necessary to have 5+ bats tested.  No one uses that many bats.  I played Major and Major Plus ball 45 years and I never had more than 2 bats.

All bats will be re-tested and get new stickers for the 2023 season.  Each Player is limited to 2 bats until March.  If a bat breaks during the first 2 months a new bat can be checked.  In March, or after, additional bats can be checked (2 more) for a total of 4 bats.  If a new Player comes on Board after March, they can have up to 4 bats tested.
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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