Boombah Sports Complex

Feb 08, 2019 ·   Tournament News
Managers and players, we have some things to talk about regarding the Boombah Sports Complex.  In no particular order of importance are:
  1. Because the fields are also set for baseball, the bases will be 65' in Hubs C and D.  They will be 70' in Hub B.  Hub A will have throw-down bases set at 65'.
  2. At this time there, is no temporary fencing in place for Hubs A and B.  It was explained to me that the funding for the fencing has not been received at this time.  Hopefully, we will have it for December.  After the March 60's tournament, we are not on those two hubs until December.
  3. Scoring lines will be used instead of the extra plate, which I like better myself.  It is safer.
Please adhere to the complex rules, and make sure your players are all aware:
  1. Grills of any kind are not allowed at the park.
  2. No warm-up or batting practice is allowed in the overflow area north and between Hubs A and B.
  3. No over night parking in the park.
  4. Please park in the designated areas.
  5. Vendors will not be allowed to drive or park on grass areas.  They must stay on the concrete.
  6. No golf carts on the grass.
  7. Smoking of any tobacco and/or pot is NOT allowed.  At this time, smoking pot is illegal in any kind of public place.  ****If you are caught doing so at one of our FHC events you will be suspended indefinitely.****
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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