Chairman's Notes April 2020 Week 2

Apr 13, 2020 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, first let me say that I hope you had a great Easter.  I know we are limited physically in what we can do but we are certainly not limited mentally or spiritually.  I had a great day with my wife of 48 years soon and we watched "The Greatest Story Ever Told" on tv.  What a great reminder that we are all loved and we are taught to love our neighbor (friends) and we will be blessed ten fold for it.  Our FHC Board of Directors has many really good men on it that really do care about all of our FHC members and all of our 180 or so teams.  These guys work tirelessly for you and your Players so please let your men know what is going on.  Please read over the FHC website weekly and get the information out to your team asap.  If you are a new Manager make sure you let our Secretary, Greg Hazel, know who you are and he will help you.  Also, don't forget you can always call your Area Director or me for help.  You can find our numbers and emails on the website under Board.

If you are a "Team of the Year" for 2019 know that we have not forgotten you,  We had a Board change and our vendor had to close (virus) for a few weeks but they are back to work and you will hear from them soon.  To check on that or if you won your bracket in January-March please contact either Al Melendez or Wayne Berryhill if you have not received your shirts.  They are handling that for us.
One of the questions most often asked me or a Board Member is "why did we go up or why did we go down brackets after a tournament."  If you have been around for awhile you understand but a new Manager may not.  Please share this with your team.  There are several things to look at:
  1. 1.  If you won a bracket, especially if you went 4-0, expect to go up.
  2. The opposite may apply.
  3. Also, when we are early in the season, or you start a new team, we rely on our Commissioners and Site Directors to let us know where you should start.  We are right most of the time, but we do miss sometimes.  But, your winning or losing a bracket will do the same thing as above.
Another question deals with what time you play.  Our Scheduler tries to rotate your division from early morning to late morning to early afternoon and late afternoon.  But, if you move up or down you may end up playing the same time slots as the previous month.  If you think there is a continuous problem in  that your team does not rotate properly then contact your Area Director and he will represent you.  Do not call in a disrespectful manner.  That does nothing but cause problems and it turns people off.  If you really feel there is a problem then contact me and I will look into the situation for you.
One last thing for tonight my friends.  I follow the news just like most of you and the news is very confusing at best. We do not know when we will play again.  That is up to our medical experts and leaders.  We want you to play but not at the expense of peoples safety.  The next scheduled tournament is the May 50's tournament in Lee County.  The April tournaments and the May 60's tournament have been cancelled.  As soon as we know something health wise we will let you know.  However, I am sure you are aware that many are saying that we may not play until the fall.  God bless you all my friends.
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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