Chairman's Notes - August 2017

Sep 06, 2017 ·   Chairman's Notes

So often, in Florida, we are reminded just how powerful ‘mother nature’ really is.  I did not like doing it but it was totally necessary to cancel the 60’s and up tournament in Ft. Myers this coming weekend, do to Hurricane Irma.  In a few days we will find out the direction that it will follow.  Be safe, get ready, and God bless you all.

We, the FHC Board, have been pounding you with information regarding the need for replacement cards.  Many of you now live far away from the old address, and Area, you had when you received your first FHC card.  Also, it is necessary that we follow the rules when picking up a player for the weekend or placing someone on our roster.  Managers, please check all of your players' cards to make sure they are legal.  If they need a new card, it is easy to just contact me and I will help them in any way I can.  Make sure their card reflects the Area in which they live.

Beginning in October, those players who do not have a proper card for their Area will not be allowed to play.  That is why your player must have both their FHC card and their driver’s license, which shows their proper address.

There will be several issues for you Managers to vote on later this month.  We have tweaked the By-Laws and Playing Rules to bring them up to date.  We will ask you to approve the changes.  Two other issues that you will decide on will be the approval of our newest Commissioner and FHC Board Pay.  I will discuss this with you later this month.  But, we do want your vote before the end of September.

Managers, please discuss with your players the need to curb their inappropriate language.  We are still having ejections because some cannot control their mouths.  We have wives, children, grandmothers and grandchildren at all of our events.  Please impress upon the need to “watch your language.”

We are still in the hot season here in Florida.  Make sure that you drink enough fluids and eat properly to maintain your bodies properly.  Also, it is a good idea to limit your alcohol intake while playing in the tournaments.  Also, many of us (me too) bring our animals with us to the tournaments.  Do not leave them in the car and also provide food and water for your pets.  A few years ago I saw a man break a car widow to let someone’s pet out of a very hot car.  Take very good care of your babies.

I want to mention one more thing about dealing with the new and replacement cards.  If we find that a Manager is knowingly playing an illegal player, that player and the Manager, or Coach, will be suspended indefinitely.  We have received dozens of phone calls from people trying to get their cards and do it the right way.  If you need help in any way do not hesitate to call me.

Mike Knowles

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