Chairman's Notes - September 2017

Oct 13, 2017 ·   Chairman's Notes

We have never seen such a month as September 2017 is concerned. We lost two tournaments because of the Hurricanes. But, it is only softball and we will play again (this weekend). Millions of people were affected in one way or the other and many are still trying to recover. Our heart???? go out to those people and we will continue to pray for them.

The 60's tournament was an early and decision when we found out that the Hurricane might hit SW Florida, which is where we were going to play. The 5O's tournament was called because we did not have enough fields in Polk County to play on. Auburndale, one of our sites, was being used as a staging area to put debris. Responder trucks, and other emergency equipment. lllso, many of the other sites could not be used because the workers at those sites were transferred to help with the cleanup all over Polk County. lt simply was not possible.

Because Polk County is still smarting from the weather we have had to cal) on Manatee County to help us out with one playing site. The A's and B's will play in Manatee County (GT Bray fields) in the 5O's tournament later this month. The other brackets will still play in Lakeland. Check the website please.

Most of our sites that we play at have gone to a no alcohol and no pet policy. That is the policy at the GT Bray fields. Please adhere to this policy and do not have open containers at the park. l am not much of a drinker but I will tell you to use some common sense here.

Remember, we are not in the Hotel business. We do try to give you some possibilities and we have built some lists for you but we do not set up blocks and such. If you know where we are playing. then go ahead and make some Hotel contacts, and not wait until tournament week. Still, the Grants we receive are based on the Hotel "beds and heads". Please fill in those Hotel forms at the park.

You, the Managers had the opportunity to vote on four separate issues just last week. All four issues passed. Here are the results of that vote, taken on Survey Monkey:

  • The By-Laws Update passed with a 74.59% vote out of 102 votes.
  • The Playing Rules Update passed with a 79.59% vote out of 98 votes.
  • The FHC Board fee Structure passed with a 55.67% vote out of 97 votes.
  • The approval of Mike Correa as Commissioner passed with a 80.6% vote out of 98 votes.

We expect to be able to move our voting site from Survey Monday to the FHC website in the future. This is something we have wanted to do for quite some. In November several of the FHC offices are up for election, or re-election. We will let you know soon how that will be done on the FHC website.

Mike Knowles

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