Chairman's Notes September 2019

Sep 15, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes
Managers, I have several things to discuss with you tonight.  Please share my Notes with everyone on your team.  If some of the Players do not have access to the internet, then make a couple of copies and let them read it when you practice, or some other time when you get together.
I had a Player contact me just yesterday about how we should have ignored the weather and played on Saturday.  He felt that teams could have cancelled on Friday instead of Thursday, and we would have an extra day to read the Tropical Storm, so to speak.  I explained to him that it is not plausible to wait until Friday to make the tough decision.  The reason why is pretty simple.  The Hotels demand at least a 24 hour cancellation policy, and some want 48 hours.  You cannot wait until Friday.  We make our decision by 1 PM on Thursday to save the Out of Area teams the cost of a room on Friday night.  No, the Villages tournament was cancelled at the last moment (Friday morning) by the powers to be there.  Again, our policy is to cancel by Thursday around noon.  Typically, around two thirds of the teams in any given tournament are going to need Hotel rooms.  We had 63 teams in this past tournament, so around 40 teams had rooms they had to cancel by 4 PM on Thursday.  Your safety, as well as ours, is of the most importance.
Commissioners and Directors will start checking cards and licenses next month (October), and will continue to do so until next March.  Check the address of all of your Players to make sure they are legal.  They may need a replacement card or need to be Grandfathered.  They will not be allowed to play in the State Tournament without the proper card.
We had our semi-annual Manager's Meeting at the 60's tournament, and planned to have the 50's do the same, but we had to cancel.  So, the Manager's Meeting for the 50's Managers will be at the tournament in October.  We have had tremendous participation at the meetings.  Over 90% of the teams have attended.
We have had some uniform infractions recently in all of our age divisions.  Make sure everyone is dressed properly.  If you have some new jerseys coming, make sure to let the Site Director know when you check in.  
We released the 2020 calendar at the 60's tournament last weekend.  It will be placed on the website and the 50's Managers will receive a copy at the October tournament.
Managers, please discuss with your Players the proper etiquette, not only on the field, but before the game and after the game is over.  When your team arrives near the dugout area tell them to be aware of the team followers (wives, children) and to watch their language, and not to take over the stands.  Just be aware that people were there before you got there.
The State Tournaments are right around the corner.  The 60 and up tournament will have the same format, but we are experimenting with the 50's Players.  We are going to have a Seeding/Double Elimination tournament, and see how it goes.  
There are a couple of deadlines you need to remember.  You must have your roster completed by October 1st.  Also, if you are running for office, you need to contact me and the Secretary, to let us know of your intent to run.  The elections will run the last week of October or the first week of November.  By November 1st, you, or your Players, need to apply for a medical waiver to to be able to play in the State Tournament, if you do not qualify.  To qualify, you must adhere to the following guidelines:  50's and 60's teams need to play in 6 tournaments, and the individual Players need to play in least 4 tournaments.  For the 70 and up divisions, the teams must play in 3, and the Players must play in 2 tournaments.  
A Player can only be used as a Pick-up a total of 4 times.
For the past several years we have made a concerted effort to corral the bad language used at our tournaments.  We are having many more ladies, children, and grandchildren come to our Sites.  They do not need to hear language that they do not hear at home.  If you, or your Players cannot control themselves, let them know that there will be severe consequences.
I am proud to announce that the following people have been selected for induction into our FHC Hall of Fame.  They are:  Juan Alicea, Greg Hazel, Jerome McCoy, Rocky Scott, Clyde Smith, Greg Wacha, and Steve Levin.  These 7 men will be inducted into the HOF on Friday December 6, in Orlando.   I will be getting a message out in the next few days inviting not only the family and friends of our inductees, but also previous HOF inductees.
Mike Knowles

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