Fall 2022 Election Results

Nov 16, 2022 ·   Voting

Our Fall 2022 Election ended last Thursday night at midnight.  We voted on potential rules changes, and 4 positions on the FHC Board.  Here are the results:

  • Move the State Tournament to October of each year for the 50s Division?
    No, keep in December.

  • Change the "runs per inning" to five (5) instead of seven (7), in order to get more innings in. There would still be an open inning.
    No, keep 7 runs.

  • FHC Chairman Election
    Mike Knowles (unopposed)

  • FHC Area 1 Director Election
    John Kurtz (unopposed)
  • FHC Area 3 Director Election
    Mark Porsche (encumbent) defeated Sam Batey (challenger)

  • FHC Secretary Election
    Greg Hazel (encumbent) defeated Bob O'Brien (challenger)

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