Important info regarding 50's State Tournament

Dec 07, 2017 ·   Chairman's Notes
Guys, make sure to go look at the revised Schedule and Team List on the Tournament page to make sure your team's games are still at the same time and field.
Managers, this has been an unbelievable fall, regarding our FHC softball tournaments.  The September hurricanes are still hitting us in the ---.  This weekend we are playing the final tournament of the year, which of course is the 50's State Tournament, in Polk county once again.  The schedule has just been revamped because we have lost the use of lights at Loyce Harper fields, off Carter Road.  There will be some minimal movement regarding site assignments.  This will mean that there will be a few less games played as well.  Because of the lights problem we will play the tournament like a normal tournament except where the bracket winner usually wins a tee shirt that bracket winner will be declared the bracket State Champion and will receive a much nicer long sleeve State Champion shirt.  This actually allows more teams to be declared a State Champion and will make your sponsors very happy.  Just so you know we have been assured by the Polk County Sports Commission that our Site problems in Polk County will go away in 2018.  Let's pray that is the case.  2017 has been a trying year but we have prevailed and still played softball each and every month except September.  Remember years ago the commercial that showed a powerful lady (Mother Nature) and the sentence that went with it? Well, we do not control Mother Nature.  We have to deal with it.  75 teams will play this weekend and most will have a great experience. Thank your Board of Directors when you see them.  God bless and good luck.
Mike Knowles

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