Notes on canceling tournaments due to weather

Jan 10, 2024 ·   General
Managers, I know that you veterans know the drill about what goes on a full 2 weeks out from a tournament, but I feel our new Managers and Players deserve to know that we always want to play, but we also always look out for their safety.  
At least 2 weeks out from a Tournament, we monitor the weather.  That means that we monitor the weather 12 months a year.  We check the local weather, incoming fronts, and the possibility of bad conditions caused by rain or wind.  One of our Board Members is a Government employee at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, and has privy to the best weather window around.  Then we determine if we need to cancel a tournament early, because we suspect a Tropical Storm or worse.  If we are to cancel, we do so by noon on Thursday so our Teams can cancel their Hotel reservations.  If we are to play, we consider that even if there is coming rain, we will be able to get in at least 2 games for each Team so we can crown a bracket champion for each bracket.  
That sounds great if it all works out, and it does over 90% of the time.  However, it is not perfect.  We had a cold front come in this past weekend, and it rained more than any cold front I can recall, and I am a born and raised Floridian.  
Next, we might want to play on Sunday for instance, but if the grounds crew at any Site says it is too wet, not safe, and they close the fields, then the fields are closed, period.
No one is more disappointed than this Board if we are rained out.  Every single person on this Board at this time plays on a Team, but me.  I am much too busy to play now.  I did play Major Plus ball for 45 years so I know how you feel.
We did hear from a few people.  I heard from a new Player about our thoughtlessness.  We are not thoughtless.  We truly care about each and everyone of you, and do our best to provide you with a great experience, but we are not perfect, and we are not meteorologists.  At times, we make a bad decision, but it is a decision made by a Committee of people.  That is the way we do things.  That is the best way to do things, I feel.  
I do need to address something new to FHC Softball.  We had a person named Dave contact the website and curse and berate FHC.  That may not be his name, but it does not matter.  This is a message to 'Dave' or anyone who thinks that it is proper and ok to use that kind of language basically as a threat to the FHC Board of Directors.  It will not be tolerated, and there will be stiff penalties.  We are investigating where the email came from and I am asking our FHC family to let me know if you have information.  These kind of people love to talk, and will brag about their brashness.  Please let me know if you hear something and no one will know where my information comes from.
See you at the ballparks my friends!
Coach Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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