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Jun 29, 2017 ·   General

Please download the current Points Totals HERE, and refer to it as we explain how the points work.

Our Points Totals sheet is an Excel spreadsheet that is best viewed on a computer screen.  While our new website is optimized to work on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, there is no way to make an Excel spreadsheet "Responsive", which is the term given to websites that are optimized for all devices.

  • The far left column, Column #1, is the current Rank, or seed, for each team.  This seeding rank is how we set up the tournaments.  Depending on how many teams sign up for a tournament, we try to have brackets that include 5 teams, with each team playing the other 4 teams once each.  Let's say your team is ranked 24th.  If every team signed up to play a tournament, you'd play against teams ranked 21, 22, 23 and 25.  Because we don't always get every team in a Division to play a tournament, teams move up one spot to occupy the missing team's place in the tournament.  For this reason, a B team, for example, could end up playing A teams in a given tournament.
  • Column #2 is the Division level, from A teams to E teams.  Each level has 20 teams, with the top ranked teams being in the A's, the next 20 teams being in the B's, etc.
  • Column #3 is the previous month's rank/seed of each team.
  • Column #4 is the team names.
  • Coiumn #5 is the original seed/rank at the start of the year for each team.
  • Column #6 is the starting points for each team at the beginning of the year.
  • Columns #7 through #18 are the points teams have received for each month.
  • Column #19 is the current points totals for each team.
  • Column #20 is the total number of points each team has received for the year.

Each team's current total points reflects where each team is ranked or seeded, from highest total points to lowest total points.

We show unranked and inactive teams at the bottom of the Points Totals.

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