Some fees going up

Jun 11, 2022 ·   General
Managers, our FHC Board of Directors have not raised any fees since January of 2017.  Not only that, but each Team receives 6 game balls at each tournament they play in, paid for by FHC.  Also, the quality of the bracket winner shirts are better, but also cost more.  We feel it is time to raise some fees, but we do not want to burden the teams with high tournament fees.  We have the best game anywhere for the price, and do not want to change that.
Having said that, we all know that our economy has gotten more difficult to handle, with gas prices rising, hotel rates increasing, softball prices have increased, and our awards have increased in price also.  So, as I stated earlier, we will not raise the Tournament fees in 2023, but we must raise the other fees somewhat. This will allow FHC to maintain what we are doing now, and continue to make our Association better.  Here is a breakdown of the fee increases:
Player Registration will go to $100 per applicant beginning on October 1st of this year.  If you do not move out of your Area, it is a one time fee for life.
Player Replacement cards will increase to $25 per applicant, beginning on October 1st of this year.
Team Registration will increase to $200 for the 2023 calendar year.

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