Some important issues from the Chairman

Jan 02, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, my December Chairman's Notes will come next week, but I still have some important issues for you.

  1. To check Tournament Site address go on the website (, and find ABOUT at the top.  Scroll down to Tournament Locations, and you will find the address you are looking for.  Some of our new Sites are a little hard to find the first time.  Use your GPS and you will be on time for your games.
  2. Managers, please get your paperwork in ASAP.  We have been asking since November.  Your Team Registration (and check) goes to our Treasurer, Bud Wortendyke, and your Team Roster goes to Greg Hazel, our Secretary.  Their addresses are on the forms that you will use.  The applications can be found on the website, under FORMS.
  3. Managers, please log into the website, check your rosters and your info to make sure it is correct.  Every Manager has a password that allows them to check on their rosters. If you have forgotten your password, or you are new, contact our Secretary, and he will give you your password.  His number and email address is on the website on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS page, found under ABOUT.  You can also see if every Player was marked correctly for every tournament you played in.  In 2019, we are not going to check in November because you said a Player played in June, and you think we missed it.  You will have 30 days after the tournament to alert either the Secretary or the Chairman that we made a mistake.  I repeat, you will have 30 days to inform us of a mistake.  After 30 days it becomes your mistake.
  4. There are several deadline dates that I will give you next week.  We absolutely will follow those dates in 2019.  I repeat, we will follow those deadline dates in 2019.
God bless and good luck in 2019.
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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