Time to Vote Part 2!

Sep 27, 2017 ·   Voting
Managers, we have been messaging you weekly for several weeks to let you know that we need you to use your vote for several important issues.  You will have several days to vote on Survey Monkey. The
window to vote is from Sunday October 1st to Wednesday October 4th.  If you do not receive the email
message allowing you to vote then contact your Area Director ASAP.  We want a 100% participation.  The
following issues are:
  1. Approve the updated By-Laws
  2. Approve the updated Playing Rules
  3. Approve the appointment of Mike Correa as Commissioner
  4. Approve the pay schedule for the FHC Board of Directors

    Already in place:

    Secretary - $500 per month
    Treasurer - $425 per month
    Commissioners - (Paid by the Host team)  Senior commissioner is paid $500 per tournament.  2nd Commissioner and Site Directors are paid $250 per tournament.
    Scheduler - $250 per tournament

    To be added:

    Chairman - $300 per month
    Vice Chairman - $200 per month
    Area Directors - $100 per month.  Up to this time Area Directors were paid $100 per tournament in their Area.  Each of our Area Directors bring something unique to our Board.  They should be recognized for their total commitment year round.
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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