Chairman's Notes April 2020 Week 4

Apr 27, 2020 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, I know it was disappointing to have both May tournaments cancelled, but the Virus is still out there, and very prevalent in our day to day lives.  One really good thing about having teams come from all over the state is that we know someone from every walk of life.  Here is what our contact in Tallahassee says.  I am not a doctor but I will be as accurate as I can be about where we are (Florida) and when we can return to playing tournaments.  

Most of you have heard about the 3 major phases that we must face before everyone can be as normal as possible.  In order for a state to go into Phase One they must have a decrease in cases and deaths for 14 days in a row.  After that, most of the businesses will open but with restrictions such as 'distancing' and so.  It appears that we may be able to have leagues and tournaments in Phase 2, but you know just like me that the orders change on a daily basis.  That is really all that I know, and I watch the news on a daily basis.  I am hoping that we can play ball in June, but that remains to be seen.
I am working on our 2021 calendar, and will be finished soon.  But, we always seem to change something along the way because of weather and or damaged Sites.  Stay tuned.
When we return to playing FHC tournaments, teams may use any ball that has been given to them at our tournaments as long as it has the FHC logo on it.  You cannot use a ball that does not have the logo.
The FHC Board of Directors will make an adjustment on how many tournaments you must play in to qualify for the State Tournament.  Obviously, we must wait and see when we do return to make that decision.  
There are two different 'courtesy runner' situations:
  1. A runner may replace a base runner at any time in the count.  He may only be a courtesy runner once per inning.  If he runs twice, and is caught by the defensive team, he is called out.  Managers, make sure your courtesy runner is ready to immediately come into the game as soon as the umpires call time.  Give the umpires the number of the CR, and the number of the Player for whome he is running.  Ex: Number 2 is on 1st.  The Manager calls out to the umpires number 10 running for number 2.
  2. Managers or Players may petition the Chairman to have a "courtesy runner" for them when they bat, but cannot run for themselves.  This must be announced at the plate meeting before the game begins.  A letter from the Chairman will be given to the umpires at the plate meeting by the Manager of that team.  The CR starts at the back of the catching box on the right side of the box as you look out to the field.  That way he will not have to cross the face of the catcher.  That Player may not run for himself at any time during the tournament if he is given a courtesy runner.  That CR can only run for that one Player in that inning.  If the Player that hits makes an out, that CR is burned for the rest of the inning and cannot run for someone else.  If a courtesy runner is injured, and he requires another runner for him, the first runner must come out of the game and cannot go back in during that game.
****Again, a Player cannot have a plate courtesy runner unless that Player has received a waiver from the Chairman.  That requires a medical waiver.****
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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