Chairman's Notes April 2021

Mar 29, 2021 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, the following are the topics you will vote on during the week April 4 to April 9.  Please exercise your right to vote.  If you do not know your password in order to vote, please contact Greg Hazel.

IV -  Membership
A.  Teams
1.  Teams shall become members by completing an official FHCASA team registration form, submitting it with the yearly fee, as determined by the Board of Directors to the Treasurer, and submitting a yearly roster to the FHC Secretary.  Each team is limited to 20 Players on their roster at any given time.  A team that changes its team name after it has filed the annual team registration will be required to re-register and pay a fee as determined by the FHC board.  All teams must submit its complete roster and team registration form and associate fees to the appropriate officers of the Association a minimum of 30 days prior to participation in any Association tournaments.
V.  Board of Directors
New provisions
2.  Should any candidate seeking election/appointment to a position as officer or director shall hold another office on the Board, he shall resign such position in order to qualify to seek the new position.   The vacancy shall be filled and provided above.
3.  Candidates shall submit their qualifications (computer skills, previous experience, etc.) for the position sought 45 days prior to election.  The existing Board of Directors shall review the qualifications of each candidate and shall have the right to decline the candidate.
50 Age Division only will vote.
4.  Yes _____  No  _____  There will be a coin flip for all games in all 50's tournaments.

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