Chairman's Notes May 2020 Week 2

May 12, 2020 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers and Players, I hope you are well.  I want to keep you as updated as possible regarding the "virus" and FHC Softball.  We have canceled April, May, and the June 60's.  We will wait until Friday to make a decision about the June 50's tournament, but I am not optimistic.  Let me tell you why.  We have a friend that I am in constant contact with who is keeping us up to date with the State's decisions, even though things change daily.  Here is what I have regarding FHC.  I include the education part because we have children and grandchildren among us:

  • Phase 1 - Only 10 people in a group.  6' distancing.  No school.
  • Phase 2 - 50 people in a group.  6' distancing.  No school.  Restaurants at 75%.
  • Phase 3 - No limit on people in a group, but still distancing.  Recreation (that's us), but vulnerable should stay home.  Phase in schools probably using alternate days at school at at home.  Tough on parents.  We will be ready to play but will have modifications at the parks.

Modifications might be things like no one in the dugout.  Use the bleachers as the dugout. Spectators may have to watch from outside the outfield fences.  No water and no concessions.  No close contact anywhere.  These are only possibilities, but we will have a safe plan to go forward when the time is right.  

Understand this friends.  Things will be different going forward, at least for quite a while.  If you or a teammate are sick, you or they need to stay home.  We will need everyone on board and helping out to make it a great success, and I know you will.

God bless,

Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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