Coronavirus Outbreak

Mar 12, 2020 ·   Tournament News
Managers, we are definitely playing this weekend in Polk County.  I have talked to one of our Players who works for the Emergency Management Division in Tallahassee, as well as our contacts in Polk County.  They both agree that because this is an outside sport, which does not have large crowds, and there is little or no close contact, we are at little risk.  Tell your Players to do what you would normally do in flu season, and that is to wash your hands thoroughly and often throughout the day, and refrain from the hand shakes and so on that we normally do.  Also, one of the things we all have heard is that the Virus does not do well in warm or hot weather.  We will continue to monitor the situation, and let you know immediately if we change our policy for the 60 and up tournament in April.  We all pray that this is all over soon, and that we support each other in a time of crisis.
God bless you all,
Mike Knowles

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