March 2024 Chairman's Notes

Mar 28, 2024 ·   Chairman's Notes
Managers, here we are at the end of March already.  Remember what my 'Grandfather' always said.  "The older I get , the faster time flies."  Truer words were never spoken my friends.  I have a few things for you.  Please share with your Team and fans so they will know what is going on when they come to the Tournament Sites.
DO NOT check in Players on Saturday that are not physically there.  If they come on Sunday then you come back to the table and sign them in on Sunday!  This past 50's tournament we had numerous Managers sign in Players illegally.  Please do not force us to make the Players sign in at every Tournament.  This 6 month policy every year makes it easier on you Managers.  Here is your warning:
Example:  If you sign in 15 Players on your Roster on Saturday and you only have 12 Players there you could be suspended.  I have instructed our Commissioners and Directors to actually come and start counting the number of bodies you have in your dugout.
For many years now I have felt that it is extremely necessary for a person to already be on the FHC Board of Directors for at least 2 years before he can run for the Chairman's office.  As you know we are the largest Half Century League in America and it takes quite a while to learn all of the ins and outs of what it takes to run an organization such as ours.  You will vote on that later this year so I will explain my thoughts before that time.
The Baden Ball is the only game ball we use.  Since we used the ball with different logos on it in 2023 those balls are allowed this year as well.
Please spend some time with your new Players on how we expect you to act regarding language and respect for the umpires and the opposing Team.  You might also mention to your fans that they fall under our umbrella as well.  It does not happen often but we occasionally must go to one of them and quiet them down.  However, that does not mean that they cannot be good, and even loud supporters, as long as they are sportsmanlike.
We are using our time off from Tournament play to have at least 8 Umpire Clinics around the state.  Here are some Points of Interest:
  • Revisited the 'Rabbit Runner Rule.'  If a Rabbit runner rounds first and touches second he is out but it becomes a 'timing play and not a force out.'  I will explain this one more thoroughly before the next tournament.
  • Hats must be worn forward in a sportsmanlike manner.  If you wear a mask then you can wear the hat backwards.
  • The catcher must stay in the box area until the ball is hit or the ball hits the dirt or plate. The catcher may not talk to the hitter or be loud in an unsportsmanlike  manner.
  • Do not argue balls and strikes! Do  not argue the height of balls and strikes.  You will be warned in the same manner as the screen rules.  You could be removed as Pitcher in the first inning, or in any inning.
  • *****Extra inning games*****
    6-month experiment.
    No runner on second base.
    5 runs per inning.
    2 and 2 count.
  • Only a hit ball that hits the front of the screen is a dead ball.  All thrown balls that hit the screen anywhere are live balls.
We are not checking bats on a wide scale.  We will be checking bats randomly.  The Director will come to both dugouts with the umpires, and check both Teams bats.  You will be allowed to present 2 bats to be tested.  If they both are illegal the Player will be allowed a 3rd bat to be checked.
It is your responsibility to know the FHC rules.  You can go to the FHC website, which is the best softball website in America.  You can call your Area Director with any questions.  And of course, you can call or email me.  Email me most anytime but call me between 8:30am and 6:30pm during the week.
It seems that when we must cancel a tournament we receive a couple of messages that questions the intelligence of our leaders.  I spoke to a Manager this year that told me that "his Player is his own man" and speaks for himself.  I reminded the Manager that he is responsible for his Players.  You cannot have it both ways.  Either you run your team or you don't.  Our Board of Directors are an elected group that give an enormous amount of their time for almost no compensation and the best he could give me was that answer?  You are tied to your Players men.  Control your  Players and do not let them control you.  There could be consequences for both of you.  
If you have a Player with an injury and needs a runner you need to contact Hal Hatley, our Vice Chairman.  His information is on the website.
Did you read what I said about arguing Balls and Strikes?  Managers, send this to all of your Players, but especially to your pitchers.  This Point of Emphasis is for the Top Ten 50's to the Lower Ten 70's.
See at the ballpark,
Coach Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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