November 2017 Chairman's Notes

Nov 10, 2017 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, it was good to see so many of you back at the ballfields.
September was tough and some of our venues are still not up and
running. Polk county, as I told you before, was hit really hard. We
have had to move to other towns and complexes and will have to do it
again this month. It is no ones fault. We have to deal with it just
like when we were all young and playing tournaments all over. When
the rains came heavily we were moved and we adjusted. Tell your
players the same thing.

I want to address a couple of things One is the problem of some of
our Managers either are always late doing the proper paperwork
(rosters, pickups, etc.), or not doing it at all. The second problem
I want to go over with you is regarding players that move out of your
Area, and what to do about it.

We, the FHC Board, realize that leadership changes hands from time to
time. If you have questions regarding how to do the proper paperwork
on how to add to your roster, take someone off your roster, or how to
do a pickup form, you need to contact one of three people. Your Area
Director, our Secretary, or me, will be extremely happy to explain
what you need to do. Saying that you just did not know how to do
something is not a very good excuse. Pick the phone up and call one
of us. Going forward we are cracking down on deadlines and needed
paperwork that will allow a player to participate in a tournament.
Deadlines are found on the website and so are the forms. Get to the
tournament early if you need to do a pickup form and have your player
there with you so he can show his FHC card and license.

When a player is on your roster but moves out of your Area it is
allowed (By-Laws) for him to stay on your roster if you get permission
for him to be Grandfathered. You do that by contacting my office. It
is not automatic. We have dealt with a few issues in the last few
weeks and it is not the Board's fault if you do not know the rules.
Remember what we were taught when we were young about laws.
"Ignorance is no excuse." We are not that harsh but you need to give
us something to work with. Also, if you want to be Grandfathered, you
cannot play with a team in your new Area, not even as a pickup.

One more thing and I will say goodnight. Please pay attention, and
read the messages sent out on the website. Our guy has done a great
job and we all appreciate his work, So, why not read the messages.
One example is that medical waivers were to be in by November 1st. I
have had several Managers contact me about waivers. I will try to
work with you but when I am told that they have not read the website
messages it does not bode well with me.

Please be positive force in FHC. Our Board works very hard to get
Sites and put on tournaments that we all can enjoy. Also, remember
that we take into consideration what is good for the many and not the
few. These tournaments are not set up just for you and your team. We
have 184 teams to worry about and be fair to each and every one of

Good luck and God Bless.

Mike Knowles

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