Chairman's Notes September 2021

Sep 16, 2021 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, I have several things for you and I hope you read this before this week's tournament in Seminole County.

  1. We are not free of the 'virus' yet, so let's be as safe as we can this weekend.  We need to practice 'social distancing' when possible.  Masks are not required, but stay away from other teams where possible.  Do not drink out of any container but your own.  After the games, it is okay to pray together but be smart about it.  I never lose a chance to pray to our God, but he will understand the situation.  Also, at Boombah, remember to leave the seeds and gum at home.  Also, when the games are over, be smart about your social gatherings with your team.  Please, no open containers whatsoever.
  2. We recently polled many of you about the possibility of 'shortened games' during the hot months, but there was little interest for that, so we will abide by your wishes, and do what we regularly do.  But, I want you to communicate with your Players about proper hydration, and cutting down on the alcohol, especially during the day.  Stay safe!
  3. Our fall elections will occur in late October, and we will possibly have some proposals to vote on as well.  Stay tuned for that.
  4. Remember that your rosters must be set by October 1.  If you have any questions regarding your rosters, contact your Area Director, Greg Hazel, or me.
  5. If you have someone who has been out because of medical reasons, and you do not think they can qualify for the December Tournaments, you need to contact me for a medical waiver by November 1st.  If your Player missed tournaments because of family issues, that would be considered as well.  Also, Canadians that could not come down because of 'virus issues' will be considered as well.
  6. When you are late getting your entry fee in on time, you are susceptible to a late fee.  All you have to do is call Al Melendez ahead of time, and he will work with you.  If you cannot do even that, you will pay the fine.
  7. Remind your Players and coaches that we expect a certain decorum at the fields, in the parking lot, and even back home in your leagues.  Treat our Umpires with respect, and you will be rewarded by being able to play in our tournaments.  We do not have a lot of problems, but when we do, we act quickly and tough.  It is a privilege to play in FHC and not a right.  Many of you have heard me say "We are glad to have you here, but we do not have to have you here.'  We now have 199 teams statewide, which makes us the largest Senior Softball League in America.  Again, we are a league, not a national championship, and we treat everyone the same.
God bless,
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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